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Written by itsdayvito

Born on January 16, 1986 at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. To his mother, Vivian Y. Staten. Dayvito always felt like he was destined to fail. The circumstances of his birth was not revealed to him until he was 21 years old. His father was physically and verbally abusive to him and his family. Dayvito witnessed his father physically abuse his mother and would often have to fight back to protect his other siblings. Born and raised in church, Dayvito was brought up in the gospel and knew about Jesus from an early age. In 1999, Dayvito and his family relocated to Naples, FL. They moved there to open a spanish church "Iglesia Voz de Dios y No De Hombre" Dayvito struggled with his identity. He fell in love with Hip-Hop and began to embrace the culture, the lifestyle, and the ways of the world. His music career began in 2000, writing rhymes with friends as jokes. His love for music and passion for the industry began to take center stage in his life and he knew that a Christian lifestyle wasn't accepted in the rap game. The love of money, fame, and fortune began to take root and Dayvito began doing secular music. As a pastors child, he began to lose faith in what he knew and began to step out to a life of sin. Dayvito began smoking weed, having premarital sex, and eventually left the church. His families ministry began to fall and would eventually fail. They moved back to Lawton, OK. in 2000 hoping for a fresh start. His behavior only got worse. Upon his arrival he attended the spanish church he grew up in. The pastor of that church was removed from his position for having extra marital affairs. The new pastor became a major issue very quickly for Dayvito. Dayvito had to overcome many obstacles. His father continued to physically abuse him. He searched for refuge in the church but didn't find it. His pastor would discipline his behavior and condemned him for his appearance. Dayvito decided to leave the church for good. Feeling frustrated, betrayed, and angry, Dayvito began to fill the void in his life with drugs, alcohol, and the streets. Dayvito began doing cocaine, meth, and drinking heavily. This led to a drug overdose that nearly killed him. Dayvito went to rehab and was able to turn his life around. Knowing that he needed a change in his life, Dayvito enlisted in the United States Army. After finishing training, Dayvito got married and had his first child. Despite the improvements, Dayvito was haunted by his past. He couldn't get his life right with God and continued to party and do drugs. His marriage suffered and eventually they divorced. Dayvito had something to live for and began to turn his life around for the better. Unfortunately, Dayvito hadn't been delivered completely from the ways of the world. He continued to enjoy his sinful life and kept running from his calling. Dayvito had a great relationship with his uncle who introduced him to Kre8tor. Krea8tor gave him his first taste of Christian Hip-Hop. After years of running, Dayvito decided to give his life back to God in 2012. With the help of God and loved ones, he was able to leave the drugs, alcohol, and sexual relationships. He met his second wife and had two more children. Dayvito knew that rapping was not his first priority. He wanted to know God personally, on a different level. Through Kre8tor and his Uncle, MESD, he released his first studio album "The Road Called Life" in 2013. Today, Dayvito has left his past in the past. He found purpose in his calling and has dedicated his life to making Jesus known. He is a devoted father, a loving husband, and full blown "Jesus Freak" He is passionate about knowing God and studying the Word. He is focused on sharing his story with troubled kids, teens, and young adults. His music continues to be a platform for God to use for his glory. All praises go to God! Dayvito only cares about spreading the Word of God. He has started C.R.E.A.M. Clothing as a way to bring Jesus back to the streets. His mission statement is "Ministry over Industry" and he continues to live according to God's purpose.

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