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  • [listen.] WhatUPRG – Courtside

    From his bio on “n 2018, WHATUPRG is ready to share his story with the world. It’s no secret that we live in a time when Latino-Americans, and Mexicans in particular, are being highly scrutinized. Through his music and growing platform, WHATUPRG has positioned himself to challenge perceptions and help motivate change.”


  • [listen.] Shyne on Me “Stumbling Blocks”

    A uniquely blended story of tribulation and triumph told through an array of musical elements including Soul, Worship, Trap Soul, Gospel Quartet and more. Shyne On Me offers a message of comfort and consolation to listeners faced with the trials of life. The project transparently depicts the struggles he faces with his own faith in times of distress, neglecting hope in the very word he preaches. After moments of self- reflection and conviction the artist is able to return to the source of his strength and offer a new perspective to motivate and encourage believers and non- believers alike to trust God’s ultimate plan.


  • [listen.] Loso – Change Up

    Loso started rapping for the sole purpose of effectively reaching teenagers in juvenile detention centers in his hometown, and years later the mission is still the same. Although Loso’s platform has grown and changed in recent years his gift is still used to glorify God and reach those who do not know him.


  • [listen.] B.E.R.I.D.O.X. “Keep Pressing”

    Philadelphia based artist and producer B.E.R.I.D.O.X. has released 3 radio singles, 1st single is called “The Future”, 2nd single is “Tonight feat. E. Daniels”, and the 3rd is “What Set You Claim?, all from his upcoming 3rd studio album currently in the works. All of his music is available for sale across the web in all of the major digital music stores (iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc.)

    For more info on B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s music ministry, check out the following websites:


  • [listen.] Nerva “Full Armor”

    Get Hip-Hop artist Nerva single “Full Armor” instantly when you pre-order his new album entitled “Kill Nerva, Pt. 1” on iTunes/Apple. This uptempo yet mellow track was produced by popular producer Kevmo. With a splash of Nerva’s unique flow to top it off, Full Armor is the first single Nerva is pushing off of his […] More

  • Introducing Bridgewater: The Mixtape

    The debut album from Bridgewater, The Mixtape, is now available on digital music outlets. The lead single will be ” Without You” and it will be followed by IDC ( I Don’t Care) which was produced by Maulik “Gumbo” Smith. They will also simultaneously release the “No Regrets” track for Christian Hip Hop fans. The […] More