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Holy Culture receives a lot of music unfortunately we cannot feature them all.  Our goal is to support as many artist as possible while covering the landscape of popular Christian music. If you’re an artist and would like to submit your music click here.

[news.] 412 Releasing new EP “Now or Never”

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[audio leak.] NU Life – “Here I Am”

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N.U. Life was greatly inspired by Chris Tomlin ‘s words of worship and surrender unto God in his well known song, “Here I am to worship”. N.U. Life’s “Here I am” is a hip hop version of that very powerful song in which they mix both the original chorus and their own lyrical creativity. Because the members of N.U. Life are bilingual, they have also incorporated a unique Spanish twist that makes this single a must hear.

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[free music.] Orlando Aska – “Anti (Stand On)” ft. Datin

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Orlando Aska drops a new single titled “Anti (Stand On) ft. Datin as a free download.

In a world that is so against Christ it is very important that we stand firm. Not on our own strength or by our own might but on the word of God. Standing for Christ in this world means being “Anti” the ways of this world. We are called to be in the world but not of it (John 15:19). It is not that we do not engage the culture with the gospel, but we do not take our lead from the culture we get all of our standards of living from from God’s Word.

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[free music.] One Dose – Light’s Out

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One Dose drops a new singled titled “Light’s Out.” Is solely about who you are really following! Is it truly God and if it’s Him that you serve let your light shine! Written and produced by One Dose.

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